About SLW

Each issue of the School Librarian’s Workshop contains the following columns and features:

  • Books in Focus – 3 elementary books on a topic, annotated and including activities
  • Bibliography – 20 titles ranging from grades K-12 on a different topic each issue
  • Bulletin Board  -full page illustration with directions
  • Bulletin Board Bonuses – 3 additional ideas suitable for the two months covered in the issue
  • Information Literacy Unit – For elementary grades that can be done with a fixed schedule
  • Primary Source Connections  – Gail Petrie mines the Library of Congress and other site for primary sources on a different subject for each issue
  • Poetry  – 3 titles reviwed,  the grade range, depending on selection is K-12 with elementary titles favored
  • Puzzler – activity for younger grades that requires critical thinking skills such as in a reverse crossword puzzle
  • Research to Go – a brief research activity for middle to high school with directions for expanding it into a larger project
  • Spotlighting Fiction – 10 ficion titles/ alternates with Noteworthy Nonfiction which does the same with nonfiction books
  • Teaching Together – A middle to high school unit to do in collaboration with teachers
  • Tech Talk – The latest in technology and how it translates into the library program
  • Web Cites – Dawn Ganss brings you curriculum-related websites which are deeply annotated

Additonal features which apear on an irregular basis:

  • Being a Professional – Ideas to improve your visibility and show your professionalism
  • Help Desk – Answers to questions sent to the editor (Hilda Weisburg) or that have apeared in other places
  • Issues on the Job – Concerns and challenges and how to address them
  • Marketing Your Program – Advocacy, Marketing, and PR to better position your program
  • More for Your Library – Different ideas to make your program more visible and vital
  • A New Twist – An article from several years ago, updated
  • Professionally Speaking – Reviews of professional materials
  • Taking the Lead – Leadership skills and ideas



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