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Ethics and Values – What Guides You Through Rough Days

This past Tuesday, June 19, the American Library Association (ALA) commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Library Bill of Rights, adopted by the association at its Annual Conference in 1939.  It still forms the basis of the work done by

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Connecting in the 21st Century

Those of us in education throw around the phrase “21st Century Learning,” and while the phrase resonates with parents and others who want their children to be prepared for their future (or “College and Career Readiness” as the Common Core

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Creating and Extending Community

Most school—and public—librarians are committed to libraries being “open” 24/7.  Our users can access resources from home or on the go from multiple devices.  But we also need to be mindful of another function we serve.  Our libraries should be

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Linguistic Kinesthetic Intelligence

Most of you are familiar with Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, so you know Linguistic Intelligence and Kinesthetic Intelligence are very different. Linguistic Intelligence is associated with verbal skills, people who “use words effectively.” Those with Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence have a “keen

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