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Happy New Year – Start Running!

I am reminded that January is named for the Roman God Janus, pictured as looking forward and backward.  Once we are past our childhood, it seems inevitable that the New Year causes us to reflect on the year gone by

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How We Listen – What We Say

As a member of ASCD, I receive their monthly Education Updates in the mail.  Normally, I give it a cursory reading, but the lead article in the December issue, “More than Words: Developing Core Speaking and Listening Skills” made me

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The Dewey Debate

I had the great honor to be asked to guest edit the November/December 2013 issue of Knowledge Quest, the journal of AASL. The theme was Dewey or Don’t We, a pro-con look at a growing practice among school (and public librarians) to go

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Evolution of the Book

I was drawn to librarianship, as most of us were, because I loved (and love) books or, more specifically, a great story.  Although my career started many years ago, even then technology in the form of filmstrips was intertwined.  As

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