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Do You Plan Your Year Strategically?

How will you be feeling at the end of this school year?  Will you be able to look at what you have achieved or will you be like so many librarians who are exhausted, knowing they worked hard but not

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Do you make time for yourself?

In October, I blogged about the importance of “Downtime.”  I stressed the need to make space in life for family and friends despite our increasingly hectic lives.  As demands on my time have been greater than usual the past weeks

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Mentoring: Who are You Helping? Who’s Helping You?

The business world has long recognized the importance of mentoring.  Education has been slower to embrace the concept, although many states have it in place for teachers who don’t enter the profession through the traditional route and have student teaching

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Relationship, Relationship, Relationship – How are yours?

While the adage in real estate that the three most important considerations are location, location, location, in librarianship the surest way to success is recognizing the three primary rules are relationships, relationship, relationship. Is being current with the latest in

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