Living as a Lifelong Learner and Dreamer

lifelong-learningThe more I learn the more I am impelled to learn more.  I find life an ever-exciting adventure and learning makes it more so.  Since I have been retired from my “day job” as a high school librarian for nine years, I don’t have my students to teach me.  Twitter, Google + posts, and others from my Linkedin groups are my most frequent avenue to what is new.  I follow up asking for more information –and usually an article. I figure if it’s new to me, likely many School Librarian’s Workshop readers haven’t heard of it yet either or know how to integrate it into their program.

I must admit, I still haven’t played with Pinterest although I keep meaning to.  I have promised myself to become familiar with Tumblr.  My oldest grandson mostly ignores his Facebook page (and his 13-year-old brother hasn’t bothered with one) in favor of Instagram.  One more thing to learn about.  Sometimes it takes a village to make a dream come true

Guest editing the upcoming November / December issue of KQ has me re-thinking the future of the Dewey Decimal Classification System.  WebDewey is a help for those who want to stay with it and still have greater flexibility, but I must say several of the proponents of a genre-based classification system make some great points.  I wonder what I would do if I were still in a school library.

Because I am a lifelong learner and am at work every day (so much for retirement), I make a point of having dreams and keeping them alive.  I just finished a final read-through of my YA fantasy, Woven through Time. I need to reign in my impatient self since it will be probably another week before the book is out. Writing a novel and having it published was a long-held dream, and as I say in the Acknowledgement, “Sometimes it takes a village to make a dream come true.”  I encourage you to share your dreams with the people in your life.  If you are as lucky as I am, they will help you make it come true.

My other big dream is for School Librarian’s Workshop.  It has undergone many changes since Ruth Toor, my former co-author, and I began writing it in September 1980—as has the school i'm a dreamerlibrary profession.  Today, as you know, it is an e-newsletter and there are far fewer librarians around.  My dream is for us to see positions restored and the economy improve and for School Librarian’s Workshop to reach more and more school librarians and be for them what our mission statement says we do, “To be your library program’s silent partner, keeping you informed, inspired, and invaluable – a leader in your building – indispensable to your students, teachers, administrators and community.”

So tell me…

What are you learning now?  What are your dreams?

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