Train of Thought

trainI am looking forward to returning home by train after spending the weekend on Cape Cod at a writers’ retreat.  It’s not that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy my time this weekend.  I was with my daughter, whom you may know is my editor for School Librarian’s Workshop as well as my business manager and webmistress, and spent relaxing days polishing a picture book I wrote (am looking for an illustrator because my publisher is too small to find one for me), getting back to an adult fantasy I started on were-dragons, and developing the plot and characters for a sequel to the newly published Woven through Time (I usually am reading two or more books simultaneously.  This is the first time I am writing two at the same time!).

But to get back to my upcoming train trip.

Years ago I loved flying to my destinations.  Whether for business or pleasure, the glamour of airplanes cultivated by the movies of the 1940s and 1950s lingered in the imagination.  Today, with all the security and restrictions, I dread flights.  If I carry on my suitcase, I have to figure out how to get all the liquids into 3 oz. or smaller containers and all of them packed into a quart-size plastic bag.  Not fun.  If I check my suitcase, there’s the hassle and worry retrieving it at the other end.  Seats are more cramped than ever, and if you aren’t flying first class you really need to bring your food with car

By contrast the train is civilized.  I love sitting at banquette in the café car as I did on the way to the retreat.  I have room to spread my things. There are outlets to plug in my netbook and/or cell, and/or e-reader.  While the wi-fi may blink off on rare occasions and when switching tracks the electricity cuts out so you go onto battery power for a few seconds, the entire trip is wonderfully conducive to getting work done and relaxing. No flight attendants sell you drinks and food, but you get up, stretch your legs and buy your own.  (Granted, it’s no better than on a plane, but at least it’s on your schedule – not theirs.)

train of thoughtSo, I will be heading home in a few hours. Wish me luck in finding a space in the café car. (MONDAY MORNING NOTE – I did!!)

I will let you know how it went on the School Librarian’s Workshop Facebook page  If you haven’t done so already, join me there and share here—or there—what you like/dislike about traveling.




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