Do you make time for yourself?

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In October, I blogged about the importance of “Downtime.”  I stressed the need to make space in life for family and friends despite our increasingly hectic lives.  As demands on my time have been greater than usual the past weeks and will continue this way for the next few months, I recognize the importance of taking time for my other interests. It’s how I stay sane and not aggravate everyone around me.

Writing fiction is one of my great passions so I spent last Saturday at the Liberty States Fiction Writers Conference enjoying being with other writers, readers, and bloggers.  Now that Woven Through Time is available, I am ready to be thinking about what comes next. I don’t want to stop with just one book in publication.  I have another started, a picture book done, and a two-page beginning concept for a sequel to Woven through Time.  These are as important to who I am as is School Librarian’s Workshop, the second edition of New on the Job, and the ALA Editions e-course on Being Indispensable, scheduled to begin early in June.writers conference

The Conference was wonderful for me.  I met lots of people, made some contacts and possibly a new friend.  I learned about making sure my plots contained all the elements needed for a well-constructed story, how to pitch to an agent, and how to write a query letter and synopsis that sell.  All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day.  I returned home feeling inspired, my creative juices once again stirred up. While it’s several months down the road, I have a date on my calendar for returning to those stories on hold.

oxygen-maskFlight attendants caution us to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before helping someone dependent on us.  We can’t help others unless we have taken care of ourselves first. What do you love to do?  When was the last time you did it?  Get it scheduled back in your life. You will be glad you did. Those you love will be glad you did.  And all the tasks on your to-do list?  The important ones will get done. They always do.

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