TTK: Emotions and learning

Frustration-Eats-PencilMost of us have figured out that students’ emotions affect how well or poorly they learn.  Good tutors tend to focus on those emotions and help students move from negative mind sets to positive ones, from feelings of failure to success.

According to Anne Murphy Paul’s brilliant report computerized teaching systems are : doing the same.  In the everyday world of school, it is is helpful to see we can use these studies, particularly when we are working one-to-one with students to help them.  Note that the important emotions for learning are: curiosity, delight, flow, engagement, confusion, frustration and boredom.

 It’s great that there are alternatives for when a teacher, librarian, or tutor can’t be there, but I always feel that an aware person
can do a better job than a set of algorithms. A human caring connection makes more of an impact.  Do you agree?
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