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It’s Your Mission

The school year is over—or just about for some of you.  How do you feel as you look back on it? Do you have a sense of accomplishment over what you have achieved?  Or are you tired and exhausted, able

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Managing Students

For the past two weeks I have been blogging about classroom management for librarians. Part three of this discussion is the hardest challenge –handling disruptive students and classes. There is no silver bullet.  No quick fix.  And nothing works perfectly

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Classroom Management – It’s Not About Control

Last week I blogged about “Entrance and Exits” and how to manage them for a smooth transition. This week my focus is on what happens in-between the coming and going.  You have many roles as a librarian—information specialist, instructional partner,

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Entrances and Exits

I was speaking with a colleague and friend who was having some difficulties with classroom management in the library.  It is a challenging task for many—even for former classroom teachers.  From elementary through high school, the open space along with

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Show and Tell

Do you remember “show and tell” from grade school?  You would bring something you valued to share with your classmates, letting them see the object as you talked about it.  Depending on what you brought, you might explain how it

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Are You In Business

I have just returned from the New York Library Association/Section of School Librarians Conference, where I gave a presentation on tag lines, branding, and elevator speeches.  Later that evening I was speaking with one of the participants who said she

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Librarians and the Pareto Principle

Have you noticed that around 20% of your teachers constitute 80% of the collaboration projects you develop.  This is the Pareto Principle. Named after Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist who observed in 1906 that 80% of Italy’s wealth was owned

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Leadership Is Not An Option

ALA and AASL along with other divisions work hard promoting the value of libraries and librarians with legislators, the community, along with the various partnerships they have built over the years.  If these efforts are to succeed, librarians need to

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Spring Cleaning – Fresh Perspective

Friday was the welcome arrival of spring.  Even if the weather has not caught up with the calendar, most of us are glad of the promise of warmer weather and enjoying the increasing hours of daylight.  There is the feeling

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Mentors – Get One, Be One

I mentioned this topic almost a year ago, and my stand on its importance hasn’t changed. Charting your library program, managing students, and dealing with teachers and administrators, all in addition to the your ongoing tasks and responsibilities, can cause

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