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Manage, Don’t Control

What we think affects how we feel. How we feel influences how we act, how we are in our relationships with others.  And whether we speak of it or not, people pick up on our feeling and attitudes.  Remember, most

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A Librarian’s Legacy – Ruth Toor Honored with AASL Grant

Last week AASL announced the Ruth Toor Grant for Strong Public School Libraries. A brilliant woman with a far reaching career, Ruth is no longer able to be active in the profession she loves.  This grant will ensure that her

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Ask Me How School Librarians Transform Learning

AASL has a new advocacy campaign.  At ALA Midwinter, buttons were available saying “Ask Me How School Librarians Transform Learning.”  It’s a great idea—if you are able to answer the question.  If you are unsure of what to say, you

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Know vs. Show

School librarianship is a complex multi-layered profession requiring a broad range of knowledge, competencies, and skills.  You have every reason to be proud of what you know and what you do.  And yet many of you find your abilities overlooked

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College Ready – Childhood Lost

I am appalled. The Education Life section of the February 8 New York Times has a feature article on first graders becoming college ready.  This is not about study skills, although I am sure it is part of it.  These

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Defining and Supporting Literacy

It once was simple in the days before apps and the Internet. When all information came by way of books, magazines, and newspapers. Literacy was easy to define. It meant you were able to read and understand printed matter.  Functional

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Show Them The Evidence of Your Success

About two months ago I did a blog on reaching stakeholders by leading with emotions rather than logic.  It is the best opening, but what about the follow-up?  You need to show them hard evidence that a library program staffed

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To Create a Learning Environment – Support Students’ Self Esteem

School is back in session.  From now until spring break the greatest amount of learning for the year occurs. However, how much students learn depends on several factors.  The least important is their individual intelligence. The teacher counts for most

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TTK: Emotions and learning

Most of us have figured out that students’ emotions affect how well or poorly they learn.  Good tutors tend to focus on those emotions and help students move from negative mind sets to positive ones, from feelings of failure to

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Rejoice, Relax, Reflect, Re-focus

The holidays are over. The mad scramble is past. I hope you rejoiced with family and friends.  Facebook was filled with greetings exchanged with those too far away to see over the holidays, and it was good to see us

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