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Your Winning Strategy

When I blogged about writing a Mission Statement two weeks ago, I said it would help focus you so at the end of next school year you would not feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unsure of what you had accomplished.  If

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20/20 Vision

Last week I blogged about the importance of a Mission Statement and how to create it if you didn’t have one.  A Vision is equally important, yet many who have Mission Statement don’t have a Vision Statement. The reasons are

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It’s Your Mission

The school year is over—or just about for some of you.  How do you feel as you look back on it? Do you have a sense of accomplishment over what you have achieved?  Or are you tired and exhausted, able

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Rejoice, Relax, Reflect, Re-focus

The holidays are over. The mad scramble is past. I hope you rejoiced with family and friends.  Facebook was filled with greetings exchanged with those too far away to see over the holidays, and it was good to see us

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Finish Line? Not Really

I am a committed Weight Watcher member.  When I set out on my weight loss plan almost eleven years ago, I couldn’t imagine I could lose close to fifty pounds.  I expected that on reaching “Lifetime,” I would indulge in

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Live Long and Prosper – Are You Creating New Avenues for Outreach?

The famed Vulcan farewell is an ongoing commitment I have to school librarians and their programs, yet everywhere they are being threatened with elimination. What can you do to turn the tide?  The answer is a 3×3 strategy for winning

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A Dream Deferred

In “A Dream Deferred” also called “Harlem,” Langston Hughes, referring to the lives of African Americans said, What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore– And then

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