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Libraries, Librarians, and Learning in the 21st Century

I have just returned the AASL Forum on School Librarians in the Anytime Anywhere Learning Landscape and as usual for this intense two-day institute I am precariously balanced between the excitement of new ideas (and old ones in new guises)

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TTK: Helping Students Become Global Citizens… with poetry

As a 21st century school librarian you want projects to guide your students into becoming global and digital citizens.  Here is a poetry project that’s already up and running and will connect your students to others from around the world

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Where Has My Get-Up-And-Go Gone?

It’s raining, and it’s chilly.  The house feels dark even with lots of lights on.  I just want to curl up with a book and hibernate.  I am fairly disciplined.  My to-do list is always nearby, clearly listing everything needing

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The Power of Literacy

Until the middle of the 20th century, Literacy meant one thing – you could read.  It sometimes was modified with the word “functional” to indicate you were capable of reading at a sufficient level to survive in our society.  Today

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Banned Books Week

We have just finished the annual Banned Books Week and social media sites have been filled with lists of titles that have been banned currently or over the years.  Librarians and non-librarians have expressed their incredulity and horror over what

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TTK: Computational Thinking

Librarians, Check out Annie Murphy Paul’s post about COMPUTATIONAL THINKING.  It’s got some terrific insights. We spend a lot of time trying to make computers think like humans, but as Annie Murphy Paul suggests, it’s also important for us to

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Overwhelmed? Join the crowd!

It’s the weekend as I write this.  If you are like so many others, you are cramming in a week of errands and household tasks into two short days.  And when you go back to work on Monday, you begin

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Do You Watch Your Words?

As a writer of books for school librarians (and School Librarian’s Workshop) as well as being the author of Woven through Time, a YA fantasy, I am well aware of the importance of choosing the right words to convey my

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Time Management – Is It Possible?

A t-shirt slogan reads, “I was put on this earth to accomplish certain things.  At the rate I am going, I will never die.”  Have you felt this way too? Too much to do and too little time to do

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Milestones – What are yours?

On Saturday, August 16 the School Librarian’s Workshop Facebook page achieved a major milestone. The 1,000th member joined.  Less than a year ago we had just passed the 400 mark. Knowing I am reaching so many librarians (although not all

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